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St Louis Real Estate Market Update VIDEO – August 2017

The St Louis real estate market continues to be strong… Get the latest information on St Louis area home prices, sales and the market, as well as why this information is important and even a quick example of how we use this type of information to help our clients, in our just released market […]

Should You Offer A Selling Agent Bonus When Selling Your Home?

This is another one of those topics where there are plenty of varying opinions however, for the sake of this article I’m going to take a look at it from purely a data-driven standpoint which, perhaps, is a little more objective approach. While it’s not that common, especially in a sellers market like a […]

Are Condos Or Homes A Better Investment In St Louis?

It’s no secret that here in St Louis we are little slow to embrace new trends or styles and that holds true when it comes to our housing market. I remember when I first entered the real estate business in 1979 although condominiums had become quite popular in many metropolitan areas in the U.S. […]

St Louis Metro Area Cities Where Homes Have Sold The Slowest In the Past 30 Days

The St Louis real estate market is hot, but there are some areas that are not as hot as others and are slower selling. While the hottest St Louis markets are seeing homes sell within a few days on average, there are some markets where homes are taking much longer to sell. Granted, as the table below shows, there are only two on the top 10 slowest markets list where the average is over 100 days (and still well below historic average times to sell) so even the slow markets, are pretty good today! […]

Cities In The St Louis Metro Area Where Homes Have Sold The Fastest In The Past Month

The St Louis real estate market continues to be like the weather, hot! Many neighborhoods through the St Louis area continue to enjoy a seller’s market, largely driven by a shortage of homes for sale, creating a low inventory. So where in the St Louis metro area are homes selling the fastest? While you would need to click on the list below to go the live data for the latest information from our site, as of the day I wrote this, Vally Park was number 1 on the list. During the past 30 days, homes that sold in Valley Park were on the market an average of only 4 days before selling! […]

St Clair County Illinois Real Estate Market Outperforming Madison County Illinois Market

The Mississippi river clearly defines the Missouri/Illinois state line in fact it does so much so that it is often easy to forget that nearly half (8 of 17) of the counties that make up the St Louis MSA are located in Illinois. Granted, many of these are smaller counties, in fact Illinois has 6 of the 8 smallest counties (by population) in the St Louis MSA, however, Madison County and St Clair County, both with roughly 260,000 people, are the 4th and 5th (respectively) largest counties in the St Louis MSA. […]

St Louis Home Prices And Sales Increase From A Year Ago

For the 12-month period ending June 20, 2017, as the table below shows, there were 36,447 homes sold in the St Louis MSA an increase of 2.08% from the prior 12-month period. The median price of homes sold in the St Louis MSA during the past 12 months was $169,000, an increase of 4.0% from the prior 12 month period. […]

The Importance Of Accurate St Louis Home Price Data for Sellers and Buyers- Prices Down 19%?? Or Up 8%??

Yes, I often harp on the importance of having accurate information when it comes to the St Louis real estate market and, admittedly, am a data nerd, however, considering that a home sale or purchase is generally one of, if not the, largest financial transactions a person makes, I think it’s worth the effort to get it right. This is why at our company, MORE, REALTORS, we have spent thousands and dollars and thousands of hours of work over the course of several years to develop software for our agents, and clients, that provides what we feel is the most accurate and relevant information out there when it comes to St Louis home prices and sales information. […]

St Louis Real Estate Market Update VIDEO – July 2017

Home prices are cooling slightly as we transition from the spring market to the summer market… Every year we see home prices reach their peak in the spring market which, depending on weather, the economy as well as other things, could be May or June typically, and then fall slightly as we go into the summer months. This year is no different and we are seeing the normal seasonal change in home prices but St Louis continues to have a strong real estate market and continues to favor sellers for the most part. […]

Is There a Connection Between St Louis Population Shift and Home Prices?

Below is a 10-year chart, showing the median price per foot (one of the most accurate ways to look at home prices) for each of the 5-counties that make up the St Louis core-market. As the chart reveals, there doesn’t necessarily seem to be any correlation between home appreciation and population shift. Below is a quick analysis: […]

St Louis Population Shifting Outward

Recently, the U.S. Census Bureau released the 2016 population estimates revealing that the city of St Louis continues to lose residents while outlying counties like St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin grow and St Louis county remains relatively stagnant. […]

City of St Louis Has Best Home Affordability In St Louis Area

It’s good when the value of your home increases, right? Yes, generally, most homeowners, look at their homes as an investment in addition to shelter for their families so they are generally happy to see the value of their investment increase. The flip side of it is, homebuyers, particularly first-time buyers, would, of course, like to see lower prices and better value in the home they buy. The thing that helps balance out these competing interests is inflation, but more specifically, the rate of income growth. […]

What To Look Out For In Credit Repair Companies

The housing bubble that led to the housing bubble burst in 2008 started a decline in the value of homes, including those in St Louis, for the following 3 to 4 years. This resulted in much larger number of homeowners facing financial struggles including late payments, foreclosures, short sales, bankruptcy and the like, than was the historic norm. As a result, while maybe not a new concept but certainly one that had been more obscure in the past, credit repair, became a lucrative and growing business as consumers sought to repair the damage done and position themselves to buy a home. […]

The Importance Of Accurate Home Price Data And The Danger Of Bad Data

Ok, I’ll admit it, I know I’m sort of a big data nerd and not everyone is, so I may be in the minority when it comes to the attention I give, and time I devote, to market data, stats, trends and the like. However, while not everyone wants to study this stuff, anyone in the market to buy or sell real estate either needs to be up to date on what is going on in the market in terms of price (and the other stuff I mentioned) or be represented by a real estate agent that is. Otherwise, without this information or, worse yet, with bad information, home buyers and sellers can make some really bad decisions. […]

St Louis Home Sales and Home Prices Are Both Up Over 5 Percent From A Year Ago

St Louis continues to enjoy a pretty robust real estate market, albeit it a challenging one for buyers due to the low inventory of homes for sale in most areas, with St Louis home sales, during the past 12 months, up over 5 percent from the prior 12-month period and St Louis home prices up over 5 percent for the same period as well. […]

No Listing Shortage Of Million-Dollar Listings In St Louis

The low inventory of homes for sale in St Louis comes up today in most conversations related to the St Louis real estate market. St Louis home buyers have struggled to get to new listings quick enough, and then make strong enough offers, to successfully beat out the competition. Well, while that may be the story for the majority of the St Louis real estate market, it is certainly not the story for the $1Million+ market. […]

Home Flipping In St Louis Hits Highest Level In 8 Years

Home flipping accounted for 8.6 percent of all the home sales in the St Louis MSA during the 1st quarter of this year according to a report released today by Attom Data Solutions. This is an increase of 14.7% from the prior quarter when 7.5% of the homes sold were flips and is an increase of 6.2% from a year ago when 8.1% of the homes sold in St Louis were flips, according to the report. […]

St Louis Home Prices Verses Rent Continues To Show Value In Home Prices

There are several ways to look at home prices and home affordability as well as to argue the merits of homeownership versus renting, however, one my favorite metrics to consider along these lines is the relationship between home prices and rental rates. Most home buyers, that are seeking a home to live in, never consider what the home they are considering purchasing would rent for, since that is not their intended use. […]

St Louis Real Estate Market Update VIDEO – June 2017

What a great time to be a home seller! This month, as the video below shows, there remains a shortage of homes for sale in many areas throughout the St. Louis area making it fun for sellers and challenging for buyers Listings that have been properly price, positioned in the market and marketed appropriately […]

Mortgage Loan Delinquency Rates Hit Lowest Level Since 2000

According to a report just released by Corelogic, the 30-59 day mortgage delinquency rate in March (the most recent month reported) fell to just 1.7%, the lowest level since January 2000. […]

Charging Pet Deposit For Service Dog Costs Landlord $20,500

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced last week that the Silver State Fair Housing Council, and the owner/manager of four apartment complexes in Reno, Nevada had reached an agreement to settle four Fair Housing complaints. Silver Lake State Fair Housing Council filed the complaints on September 20, 2016 against ERGS, Inc. alleging ERGS had violated the Federal Fair Housing Act by charging a pet deposit to tenants with service animals. […]

The City Of St Louis Has Youngest Population and Lowest Homeownership Rate In Area

In the real estate community there are frequent discussions about the millennial’s and their impact on the real estate market. Since their generation makes up the largest share of the population presently, their interest, or lack thereof, in homeownership definitely has the attention of us in the real estate industry. The consensus among many […]

St Louis County Circuit Court Judge Strikes Down St Louis County Landlord License Ordinance

On June 2, 2017, in a victory for landlords, St Louis County Circuit Court Judge Gloria Clark Reno declared St Louis County’s landlord license ordinance unconstitutional. Going into effect on December 31, 2015, after being passed by the St Louis County Council, in a surprise vote, the St Louis County Landlord Licensing Ordinance required landlords to obtain a license annually to have the right to rent out their property. […]

St Louis Home Sales Fall Slightly in May From Year Ago – Prices Up

There were 2,707 homes sold during May within the St Louis 5-county core market down slightly from May 2016 when there were 2,736 homes sold according to the latest data from MORE, REALTORS (see chart below). The median price of homes sold in the St Louis core market during May 2017 was $125 per square foot, an increase of 2.5% from May 2016 when the median price of homes sold in the St Louis core market was $122 per square foot. […]

Characteristics of New Homes Sold In 2016

The U.S. Department of Commerce just released it’s 2016 CHARACTERISTICS OF NEW HOUSING in which it revealed features, amenities, prices, sizes, etc of new homes built and sold during 2016 in the United States. You can see all the data in the complete report for the U.S. by clicking on the link however I’m going to just focus on the homes built here in the midwest region. […]

Is It Better To Invest In a Luxury Home In St Louis County or City?

From the outset I need to admit that this is probably a pointless article as the mindset of someone that would want to buy a luxury home ($750,000+) in St Louis County is quite different than someone that would want to buy one in the city of St Louis, and vice versa, so neither […]

What Is The Value of a Garage?

Of the 6,137 homes that were sold in St Charles county during the past 12 months, 5,839 (95%) of them had a garage. Nearly 68 percent of the homes sold with a garage in St Charles county had a 2-car garage, nearly 24 percent a 3 car garage or larger and just 8.5 percent had a one-car garage. So, if you are a St Charles county homeowner with a one-car garage, how much can you expect to be impacted price-wise when you sell? Of, if you are a buyer, looking at a home in St Charles county with a one-car garage, how much should you discount what you pay for it versus a similar home with a 2-car garage? […]

Zillow’s “New” Instant Offer Is Nothing New

I am always marveled by great marketing and promotion therefore I must give a tip of the hat to Zillow® for their new “Instant Offer” program. First, it’s getting them tons of attention and press, particularly within the REALTOR® community, which is probably where it is the most beneficial to them since agents are, after all, Zillow’s® paying customers. […]

Ballwin Tops List On Home Appreciation & Safety Index

It is common for home buyers, particularly those moving to St Louis from outside the area or perhaps moving to a different part of town than where they currently reside, to inquire about crime rates and other safety issues related to the area they are looking to move to. Today, like pretty much every other topic out there, there is a wealth of information available on the internet with regard to crime activity however sometimes it is difficult to find real data and not just “headlines” from local news stories or social media posts. Therefore, in keeping with our mission of providing up to date, accurate and trustworthy information that is relevant to homeowners, as well as buyers and sellers, we developed our own Index to make it easier to people to assess an area. Since we are in the real estate business and the people I’m talking about there are interested in home values, we wanted to have our index consider both crime rates as well as home price appreciation. As a result, our Home Appreciation & Safety (HASTM) Index was born. […]

St Louis’ Slowest Selling Neighborhoods

Even in this low-inventory sellers market the St Louis housing market has been experiencing for some time now, there are areas where homes are selling slow. For home buyers that are tired of the fierce competition that exists for most new listings and tired of losing out, these slower selling areas may offer an opportunity to buy. […]