Lincoln County Has Fastest-Selling Zip Code within the St Louis MSA

The average residential listing in the 63362 zip code area in Lincoln County, Missouri has been on the market for just 15 days, making 63362 the fastest-selling zip code within the St Louis MSA at this time.  As our table below shows, Lincoln County zips occupy two of the top spots with the 63379 zip code area in a three-way tie for  3rd on the list with listing having an average time on the market of 25 days.  So what’s up with Lincoln County?  Maybe with all this social-distancing going on people have decided to head to more sparsely populated areas making it easier, or perhaps have discovered they can move farther out and work remotely?

I’m not saying there aren’t other, non Covid-19 reasons, to move to Lincoln County such as the county seat for Lincoln County, Troy, Missouri.  Troy’s popularity has grown substantially with its population increasing about 28% in the past decade from 10,640 people ion 2010 to 13,600 currently while, during the same period, for example, the city of St Louis’ population declined 8% from 319,320 to 293,792.

St Louis MSAs Fastest-Selling Zip Codes

(click on table for a complete, current list)St Louis MSAs Fastest-Selling Zip Codes

[xyz-ips snippet=”Troy-Virtual-Lincoln-County-For-Sale-AND-St-Louis-Virtual-and-St-Louis-For-Sale”]


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