St Louis’ Most Expensive Housing Markets

St Louis' Most Expensive Housing, St Louis REALTOR, DENNIS NORMANSt Louis’ most expensive housing can be found in Ladue today where the median price of homes for sale, as of today, is $1,318,731, according to data compiled by MORE, REALTORS.  Closely behind Ladue is Clayton, with a current median price of $1,149,788, then Town & Country at $897,308 and Des Peres (63122) at $864,169.  As the chart below shows, all four areas have seen median home prices fall from their peak during the past year, but all four areas are still reporting home prices above where they were a year ago.

The list below shows the current median list prices for the 25 top cities in the St Louis metro area, the list is real-time, so the prices and rankings will change.  

St Louis Home Prices - Ladue Home Prices, Clayton Home Prices, Des Peres Home Prices, Town and Country Home prices



Highest Current Home Prices In St. Louis


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