The best cities for romance and real estate


Before you get all excited, no, St. Louis did not make the top ten list of the best cities in America for young singles to relocate for love.    Wait, before you think I have lost my mind, or are using a cheesy seasonal top-ten list for readership, it’s not my doing….it’s actually Zillow’s idea.  This week, Zillow introduced their “In the Move for Love Index“, which lists the best cities for young singles to relocate for love. In evaluating locations for their list, Zillow considered the cost of rent versus income, walkability of the city as well as “supply and demand”…well, um, “the ratio of, and abundance of, single males to single females under 35“.

So here you go, “The Top 10 Cities To Find your Valentine” (don’t blame me..blame Zillow):

Top 10 Cities to Find Your Valentine for Men and Women
Men Seeking Women Under 35 Women Seeking Men Under 35
Rank City Zillow Rent Index Rank City Zillow Rent Index
1. Worcester, Mass. $1,302 1. Milwaukee, Wis. $962
2. Glendale, Calif. $2,548 2. Miami, Fla. $1,727
3. Irving, Texas $1,208 3. Denver, Colo. $1,468
4. Cleveland, Ohio $834 4. Charleston, S.C. $1,435
5. Memphis, Tenn. $857 5. Tucson, Ariz. $989
6. Tulsa, Okla. $888 6. Plano, Texas $1,713
7. San Diego, Calif. $2,116 7. Baltimore, Md. $1,247
8. Philadelphia, Penn. $1,060 8. Santa Ana, Calif. $2,097
9. Buffalo, N.Y. $810 9. Durham, N.C. $1,168
10. Springfield, Mass. $1,255 10. Rochester, N.Y. $893

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