Will home prices decline further? Poll reveals only 12 percent of American’s think so

Will home prices decline furtherThe results of a recent Rasmussen poll clearly reveal that American’s confidence in the housing market  as a whole, and their home’s specifically, is returning with only 12 percent (12%) answering yes to the question; “Will home prices decline further?”, according to the poll.  This is down from 14 percent that felt home prices would drop in the prior survey in June and is the lowest percentage since Rasmussen began doing this poll in April 2009.  Home prices are expected to rise in the next year by 34 percent of those polled and 51 percent expect home prices to remain the same.

In another Rasmussen poll recently conducted, thirty seven percent (37%) of Americans said they felt now was a good time to sell a home in their neighborhood however forty percent (40%) disagreed.  Further proof that, as I say over and over, all real estate is local and the markets vary by city to city, even neighborhood to neighborhood and sometimes even block by block.


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