Homes in St Louis Continue To Sell At Near Record Percentage of Asking Price

Homes in St Louis (the 5-county core market) sold for 98.1 percent of the current asking price in August down only slightly from the peak of 98.3 percent in May, according to MORE, REALTORS.  As the chart below shows,  the gap between the ratio of sale price to current list price and sale price to the original list price widened a little in August, but the gap between the two ratios is less than at the same time in the prior few years. St Louis homes sold for 96.7 percent of the original listing price in August, down from the peak of 97.3% in May and June.

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St Louis Home Sold Price to Asking Price Ratio-

5-County Core St Louis Market – (city of St Louis and counties of St Louis, St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin)

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