St Louis Home Prices Fall Over 12% And Sales Fall 40% In 6-Month Period

Kind of an attention-getting headline, huh?  At least it’s not as bad as a lot of the gloom and doom headlines I’m reading today about the real estate market.  Many folks out there are predicting a total meltdown of the housing market, and our economy as a whole for that matter.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not drinking the “there’s nothing to see here” Kool-Aid, I do believe we are in for some rough times ahead, I am just not convinced it’s going to be as bad here in St Louis as in many parts of the country.

So back to the falling St Louis home prices and sales…

As the infographic below shows, the median price on homes sold in St Louis dropped 12.7% from June to December of last year and, during the same 6-month period, St Louis home sales declined 40%.  But, “I thought you said you weren’t gloom and doom?”.  Granted, this data doesn’t sound good but remember, the residential real estate market is very seasonal.  Prices and sales go up in the spring and down in the winter every year, during good markets and bad.  So, since June is often the peak of the market in terms of sales and prices, and December or January the trough where prices and sales fall to the lowest levels, this is normal.  The question is, whether the amount home prices sales declined in the past 6-months is pretty typical? As the infographic below illustrates both the decline in price and sales were the largest declines in the past 5-years.  The decline in sales in 2018 was close to this past year and the decline in prices in 2019 was close to this past year, but 2022 saw larger declines in both.

It’s something to watch close but not time to panic yet…

While the seasonal decline now is greater than is typical, it certainly is not as bad as some markets are seeing.  The big question is what is going to happen in the next couple of months?  Typically January sees another decline in sales from December and a slight decline in price and February is about the same or sometimes starts to show an uptick in prices.  So, depending upon how things turn out this month and next we’ll have a better idea of whether we’ll see the normal recovery from the winter season or if we’ll see the market continue to deteriorate.

St Louis Seasonal Market Declines

June vs December Prices/Sales For the past 5 years

(click on infographic for full view)

St Louis Seasonal Market Declines


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