St. Louis makes list of 15 hottest real estate markets in September

Dennis Norman St Louis RealtorThat’s right St. Louis! Clear Capital just released it’s monthly Home Data Index™ (HDI), which includes a list of the 15 hottest major real estate markets in the U.S. and St. Louis was on it! Granted, barely, coming in at the number 15 slot, but hey, we were on the list nonetheless!

The report shows St. Louis home prices increased 5 percent in the 3-month period ending in September compared with the prior 3-month period while U.S. home prices only increased 3.5 percent during the period. On a year-over-year basis, St. Louis home prices were down 3.3 percent while U.S. home prices were down 3.8 percent.

15 Hottest and Coldest Metro Markets (Sept 2010 through October 2011)


Source: Clear Capital


Source: Clear Capital

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