St Louis’ Top Ten Neighborhoods For Home Price Increases

St Louis Realtor, Dennis Norman, Past President St Louis Association of RealtorsWhere in St Louis are home prices rising the fastest?  As the St Louis real estate market settles into what appears to be a sustainable recovery, home prices are on the rise in most St. Louis neighborhoods.  The table below shows the 10 St Louis neighborhoods where home prices have increased the most over the past year.  Keep in mind, this data is based upon the asking price of homes for sale and does not necessarily indicate an increase in the property values of all homes in the areas shown, however, in general, if the prices of homes for sale are rising, home values of the other homes in the area have increased as well, perhaps just not at the same rate.

When looking at housing market data, there always seems to be a “catch”, or other facts you need to know to properly decipher the data shown, which is why you should seek out a real estate professional that understands the data, can interpret it and apply it to your situation.  If I can help, please contact me.

Top 10 St Louis Neighborhoods For Home Price Increase In Past Year

St Louis Top Ten Neighborhoods For Home Price IncreasesSource: MORE, REALTORS 

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