What St Louis Neighborhoods Are Seeing The Most Price Reductions By Sellers?

St Louis Neighborhoods,Price Reductions

I wrote about St Louis’ hottest real estate markets the other day however, just because we are seeing so many neighborhoods become seller’s markets, it does not necessarily mean that home prices are on the rise.  In fact, in many neighborhoods large numbers of sellers are reducing their asking prices.

The table below shows the current list of St Louis neighborhoods with the highest percentage of listings that have had price reductions in the past 90 days.  This table is “real-time” so will change as the data changes, but as of the writing of this article, there are 5 St Louis neighborhoods where over 50% of the current homes listed for sale have had a price reduction in the past 90 days, with Glendale (63122) at the top of the list and right behind in the second spot, Frontenac (63131).

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