Missouri Foreclosure Filings For 2014 Down Seventy Percent From Peak in 2010

Missouri foreclosure filings during 2014 occurred on a total of 9.762 properties in Missouri which is down over 70% from 2010 when foreclosure activity in Missouri hit an all-time record high with foreclosure filings occurring that year on 33,120 properties, according to data just released by RealtyTrac.  Below is a complete table showing Missouri foreclosure filings for each year, from the real estate “boom” year of 2006 through 2014, for all counties in Missouri which reveals that in most counties in Missouri foreclosure activity peaked during 2010.

Foreclosure filings in the Missouri counties that make up the St Louis MSA occurred on a total of 5,310 properties during 2014, down 68% from 2010 when foreclosure activity hit a record high in the Missouri counties of the St Louis MSA with foreclosure filings taking place on 16,588 properties that year.

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Missouri Foreclosure Filings By County 2006-2014

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