St Louis Foreclosures Increase 61.7 percent in past year

Dennis Norman

Dennis Norman

Foreclosure rates in St. Louis increased for the month of October over the same period last year according to a report released by First American CoreLogic. The report showed the St. Louis metro area to have a foreclosure rate of 1.31 percent in October, up just slightly from September’s rate of 1.25 percent, but up 61.7 percent from a year ago when the rate was 0.81 percent.

firstamerican corelogic

The national foreclosure rate for October was over double the rate of St. Louis at 3.02 percent and was an increase of 77.6 percent from a year ago when the national foreclosure rate was 1.70 percent.
It doesn’t appear the rate of foreclosures is going to slow down anytime soon as mortgage delinquency rates rose again in October. In St. Louis 5.1 percent of borrowers were 90 days or more delinquent on their mortgage in October, an increase of 50.0 percent from a year ago. The 90 day mortgage delinquency rate for the state of Missouri in October was 4.83 percent, an increase of 50.0 percent from a year ago. The US mortgage delinquency rate for October was 7.70 percent, up from 7.27 percent in September and an increase of 69.6 percent from a year ago.

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