St Louis Foreclosures Rise In April However Trend Is Down Almost 40 Percent

St Louis foreclosures increased in April from the month before in the St Louis area counties of St Charles, Jefferson and Franklin, were fairly level in St Louis County and declined almost 12 percent in the city of St Louis.  For the 5 counties that make up the core of the St Louis real estate market, the median increase in foreclosure activity in April 2015 from the month before was, as the table below shows, 10.68%, and, compared with foreclosure activity from April 2014, the median increase in foreclosure activity was almost 30 percent, according to data released this morning by RealtyTrac.

However, it is not uncommon to have monthly spikes or dips, so it is better to look at a 12 month rolling average to see what the overall trend is.  As the table shows, when we look at the 12 month rolling average for St Louis foreclosure activity, we see that there was only a slight increase in April 2015 from the month before and nearly a 40 percent decline from a year ago.  It’s only been recently that RealtyTrac began publishing the rolling 12 month data but I think it has really helped see what the real trends are with regard to foreclosures.

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St Louis Foreclosures

St Louis Foreclosures - April 2015 Data Source: RealtyTrac

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