St. Louis Distressed Home Sales Fall Sharply

St Louis Distressed Home Sales - St Louis Realtor

St Louis distressed home sales continue to fall, according to a report published by MORE, REALTORS based upon data released by RealtyTrac.  This report supports other market data that indicates the St Louis real estate market is recovering from the devastation brought on it when the real estate market bubble burst back in 2008.

The market crash brought many institutional buyers into the market, buying up homes as prices fell, but the recovery of the St Louis real estate market has slowed this activity as well.  Home sales fueled by institutional investors fell 23.6% in December 2013 from the year before, according to the report.

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St Louis Distressed Home Sales - December 2013

Date source: RealtyTrac – Copyright 2014 MORE, REALTORS

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