St Louis Foreclosure Rate Drops Over Twenty-Percent In Past Year

The number of St Louis homeowners losing their homes in foreclosure declined to a total of 700 foreclosure actions in the St Louis MSA, according to the latest report from ATTOM Research.  Aprils foreclosure rate of 1 in every 1,768 housing units in the St Louis MSA is a decline of 22.82% from the rate a year ago and a decline of 9.68% from the foreclosure rate for March 2018.

As the table below illustrates, of the 15 counties in the St Louis MSA covered, all but three have seen a decline in foreclosure rates from a year ago (and all of those double-digit declines at that) and two-thirds of the counties saw a decline from the month before.

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St Louis MSA Foreclosures – April 2018

St Louis MSA Foreclosures - April 2018



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