St Louis Metro Area Distressed Home Sales Share Of Market Drops By Nearly Half From Year Ago

Distressed home sales in St Louis during the month of October 2015 accounted for about 11.6 percent of all home sales during the month, a decline of about 50 percent from a year ago when St Louis distressed home sales accounted for 23 percent of the all home sales, according to the latest data just released by RealtyTrac.  Distressed home sales would include foreclosures,  REO’s (homes that have been foreclosed upon and now being sold by a bank or other lender) and short sales.

As the table below shows, the St Louis metro area saw a decline in all types of distressed home sales in October from the month before, however some of the counties in the area saw an increase such as the city of St Louis that saw distressed home sales increase from 20.9% in September 2015 to 25.3% in October.

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St Louis Distressed Home Sales Share of Market

St Louis Distressed Home Sales - St Louis Short Sales, Foreclosures, REO -Table

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