REALTORS Rally to promote a YES vote on Amendment 3

Dennis Norman

I just returned from the Lake of the Ozarks after attending business meetings for the Missouri Association of REALTORS (MAR) which included an update on AMENDMENT 3, the effort backed by MAR to prevent double taxation on Real Estate in Missouri. The “update” was more like a football rally, complete with “cheerleaders” and all and, while the fanfare was a little over the top for me, I was thrilled to see so much enthusiasm by REALTORS from across the state over this issue. I’ve written a few times about the REALTORS’ effort behind a ballot initiative to change the Missouri Constitution to protect Missouri property owners from facing a Transfer Tax or Fee on their real estate in the future.  The effort is now officially going to be on the November 4th ballot as Amendment 3 and voters that support this effort to prevent more taxes should VOTE YES on AMENDMENT 3 to do so.

To find out more go to or check out the video below:

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