Timeshare Owners Alert: Fraud Scheme Exposed by FBI

A Springfield, Missouri business owner, Brian Scroggs, has been indicted by a federal grand jury for orchestrating a fraudulent timeshare exit scheme, according to an announcement from the FBI. Scroggs, who owned Vacation Consulting Services, LLC, and The Transfer Group, LLC, promised clients he could help them exit their timeshare contracts for a fee. Despite knowing that timeshare companies had stopped working with exit firms, Scroggs continued to solicit new clients under false pretenses.

The indictment reveals that Scroggs defrauded clients of over $32,000 by falsely claiming his companies could release them from their timeshare agreements. His scheme involved hosting seminars across the country where he assured timeshare owners they could either get out of their contracts or receive a refund. However, none of these promises were fulfilled, leaving clients trapped in their timeshare agreements without the refunds they were promised.

This case, prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Patrick Carney and investigated by the IRS-Criminal Investigation and the FBI, serves as a stark reminder for timeshare owners to exercise caution and thoroughly vet any exit companies they consider using. Always seek advice from trusted real estate professionals, such as those at MORE Realtors INLINE TEXT Link – goes to agent website
MORE, REALTORS®,  to avoid falling victim to similar scams.

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