Freddie Mac offers loan modification “room service” to help borrowers

Dennis Norman
Dennis Norman

By: Dennis Norman

In an effort to help delinquent borrowers obtain Loan Modifications under the Affordable Refinance Program of the Making Home Affordable Program Freddie Mac has hired a company to come to borrowers homes and help them put together the documents and complete other actions needed to begin their three-month trial payment periods under the Affordable Refinance Program.

The company hired by Freddie Mac, Titanium Solutions, will target late-paying borrowers with Freddie-Mac owned mortgages who have not responded to letters or phone calls from their lenders or those who have responded but need to provide additional information or documents to launch their three-month Home Affordable Modification trial period. Titanium will also help those borrowers who have started their trial periods complete the documentation process to enable them to be converted into final modifications.

Borrowers should be on the lookout for fraud by imposter’s though. Titanium Solutions representatives will NOT accept mortgage payments nor any other MONEY from borrowers, so if someone shows up at your door saying they are from Titanium and ask you for money or a payment, call the police. Actual Titanium representatives will have a copy of the letter you originally received from your lender about the loan modification. These letters are specially formatted and include unique information about your loan that scammer’s shouldn’t have access to.

For more information about Freddie Mac efforts to help borrowers and support Making Home Affordable, visit

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