Best Neighborhoods In St Louis To Be A Home Seller Today

If you live in Crestwood, Glendale, Warson Woods or Rock Hill and have considered selling your home, now is the time! With less than a 2 month supply of homes for sale, these four St Louis communities are definitely seller’s markets and now would be the time to list your home for sale.  In addition to those 4 areas, as the list below reveals, there are 17 other St Louis neighborhoods that are also very attractive seller’s markets, each with less than a 3 month supply of homes currently listed for sale.

You cannot judge the health of a real estate market with just one piece of data, however, a good indicator of a potential sellers market would be areas with a low supply of homes for supply.  Note that I said supply and not number.  This is important, as some areas, such as O’Fallon Missouri for example, may have what seems like a large number of homes for sale (currently 225), but given the size of the market and number of sales, it is actually 5th on the list of seller’s markets.  The supply of homes for sale on the other hand, takes into account the number of active listings as well as the rate of home sales and then determines how many months it would take to “sell out” of homes on the market if no new listings came on the market.  A supply of around 4 -5 months has historically been pretty typical.  The list below, which is from our real-time data that you won’t find anywhere else and is always up to date, shows the cities within St Louis with the lowest supply of homes for sale based upon the current sales rate thus indicating a fast market with too little supply and most likely a good seller’s market.

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