California, Hawaii and Florida top list of states people want to live in

Dennis Norman

According to a recent Harris Poll, the economic and political unrest in California has not deterred Americans from their desire to live in the state as more Americans would like to live in California that in any other state. This is the seventh time in a row since 2002 that California has topped the list where people would like to live if they did not live in their own state, according to the poll.

Moving up to 2nd from 3rd place the year before is Hawaii which traded places with Florida as Florida slipped into 3rd place. States with pretty significant movement from the poll the year before include:

  • Oregon – moved from 10th place up to 7th place
  • Texas – dropped from 4th to 8th place
  • Washington -dropped from 6th to 10th place


Source: Harris Poll

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