Cities In St Louis Where Home Buyers Have The Advantage

The St Louis real estate market is off to a good start for 2016 but that doesn’t mean there aren’t St Louis neighborhoods that are experiencing a buyer’s market giving home buyers an advantage over sellers, at least to an extent.  The most sure-fire way to turn an area into a buyers market is to flood it with inventory, or supply of homes for sale.  When seller’s face increased competition, typically prices suffer giving home buyer’s an opportunity to negotiate harder and more aggressively in those areas than in others, particularly those experiencing a seller’s market.

The table below shows 13 of the 21 St Louis area cities that, at the time I wrote this, were experiencing a buyers market due to a larger than normal supply of homes available for sale in that city.  If you click on the table you can see the live, real-time list of all buyer’s markets in St Louis.

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St Louis Buyer’s Markets

(click on table to see complete, up to date list)
St Louis Buyers Markets

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