Demand for rental property likely to increase over next two decades

dennis-norman-realtorIf you have tried to buy a rental property lately in St. Louis then you have discovered you are not alone and the competition for good rental property is quite intense.  The reason is simple, experienced investors as well as new ones see real estate as a safe investment and, in many ways, a much better alternative to other investments.  Part of the reason for this is the demand for rental housing, brought on as a result of many former homeowners that have been forced, or have chosen, to rent instead of own and “would-be” homeowners that are unable to meet tougher requirements for mortgages thereby forced to remain tenants.  According to information just released by the Bipartisan Policy Center, the demand for rental housing is not going to subside anytime soon as  five to six million new renter households are expected to form in the next ten years alone.


Source: Bipartisan Policy Center



Source: Bipartisan Policy Center

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