Fastest Selling Cities in St Louis

It’s no secret that home sales slow down this time of year in St Louis however, there are still plenty of cities in St Louis where homes are selling quickly!  As the table below shows, Rock Hill is at the top of our Fastest Selling Cities list with the current supply of homes for sale being on the market for an average of just 29 days.  Of the 10 cities on our list, all but one are in St Louis County and, of the 9 in St Louis County, 5 are in North County.

St Louis’ Fastest Selling Cities

(click on the table to see the complete table with current data)St Louis' Fastest Selling Cities

What is the housing market like in St Louis’ Fastest Selling City – Rock Hill?

As our chart below illustrates, the home price trend (price per square foot) for the prior 12-months (the red line) has increased over the past 2 years at a reasonable rate. The home sales trend for the prior 12-months (the green line) shows the home sales trend has increased fairly significantly over the past 2 years and is still trending upward at a pretty significant rate.

Rock Hill Home Price Per Foot and Home Sales Trends – Past 25 Months

Rock Hill Home Price Per Foot and Home Sales Trends - Past 25 Months

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