Fastest Selling Zip Codes in the St. Louis Metro Area

The St. Louis Metro area (MSA), which spans parts of Missouri and Illinois, has a diverse real estate market with some zip codes seeing properties sell much faster than others. Based upon the report below, available exclusively from MORE, REALTORS®
, the fastest selling zip code in the area is 63070 in Jefferson County, Missouri where the current average days on market for active listings is just 12 days. Close behind in second place is 63040 in St. Louis County with 9 listings averaging 15 DOM. Rounding out the top five are 63134 (St. Louis County, 16 DOM), 63038 (St. Louis County, 17 DOM), and 63052 (Jefferson County, 20 DOM). The City of St. Louis makes its first appearance at #9 with 63021 and its 17 listings averaging 27 DOM.

Notably, 8 of the top 10 fastest-selling zips are located in Missouri counties, with just two from the Illinois side of the MSA – 62254 in St. Clair County at #14 and 62035 in Madison County at #15.


Fastest Selling Zip Codes in St Louis

(click on table for complete list with current data)

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