Fed’s Loan Modification Program resulting in savings of $120 per month for borrowers

Dennis Norman
Dennis Norman

According to a study conducted by First American CoreLogicentitled “How the U.S. Consumer Has Benefited from Mortgage Finance Programs in 2009”, projections are there will be $2.3 billion in mortgages refinanced as a result of the Fed’s “Making Home Affordable” plan. According to the study, the median individual monthly savings was $120.

firstamerican corelogic The quantitative easing policies of the Federal Reserve and refinance activity made possible by the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) have allowed more than 2 million consumers to reduce their monthly mortgage debt obligations and put more money in their pockets,” said Mark Fleming PhD, and chief economist for First American Core Logic. “This permanent increase in monthly income is likely to, in part, be used to increase consumption and help to drive growth as the economy rebounds. Additionally, these refinanced loans are likely to be more sustainably affordable debt obligations. The combination of lower payments and fixed-rate terms should also reduce the risk of future foreclosure.”

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