Interest Rate Insights: Traci Everman Unveils the Latest Shifts

The ebb and flow of St. Louis’s real estate market are linked to the broader economic currents, and recent weeks have witnessed a significant uptick in mortgage interest rates.  In the video below, Traci Everman, Senior Mortgage Banker with Flat Branch Home Loans, does a fantastic job of explaining what is happening and why.  Below the video are some highlights and a recap.

Here are are few highlights of what Traci’s covers in the video:

Recent Economic Impacts on Mortgage Rates:

  • Economic reports released over the past day have precipitated a downturn in the bond market and a subsequent rise in interest rates. This movement stems from inflationary pressures, which erode the value of long-term investments like mortgage-backed securities.

Analyzing PCE Inflation and Jobs Reports:

  • Key economic indicators such as the PCE report, which reflects inflation sans food and energy costs, revealed a 0.3% increase, signaling a direction contrary to the market’s desires. Furthermore, the employment data, despite being a bearer of good tidings on job creations, did not spell out positive news for the bond market.

Current State of Mortgage-Backed Securities:

  • Currently, the mortgage-backed securities market is taking a hit, down 88 basis points, leading to a predicted quarter percent increase in interest rates between yesterday and today. This fluctuation reminds us of the volatility that peaked in October 2023.

How Recent Trends May Affect Future Rates:

  • The Federal Reserve’s stance and upcoming meetings are pivotal. While rate cuts were anticipated, the outcome was status quo, leaving predictions for future rate cuts in 2024 uncertain. Inflation, driven by rising oil prices and other factors such as soaring auto insurance premiums, continues to play a crucial role.

Conclusion: Staying Informed on Market Changes:
As Traci Everman sums up the market update, it’s clear that keeping a close eye on inflation and Fed decisions is crucial for anyone involved in real estate. With potential rate cuts on the horizon, the coming quarters could be crucial for buyers and sellers in St. Louis.

For a more detailed dive into what this means for your home buying or selling decisions, stay connected with St. Louis Real Estate News.  Stay informed.

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