Missouri Encouraging Homeowners to Buy Earthquake Insurance

At least three of the “largest earthquakes ever recorded in the continental United States” are believed to have occurred in Southeast Missouri during the period of 1811-1812, according to the Missouri Department of Insurance.  At the source of the problem is the New Madrid Seismic Zone which is located in southeast Missouri and is the nation’s most active earthquake zone east of the Rocky Mountains.

The Missouri Department of Insurance is encouraging homeowners to check their insurance policies to see if they have earthquake coverage and, if not, are “encouraged to buy this extra protection“.  The interesting thing is just over 1 out of every 4 homeowners (26%) in New Madrid county had earthquake coverage as of 2012.

Earthquake frequency and facts…

The table below shows the number,  and magnitude of, earthquake in the United States during the period of 2000 -2010.  The table also shows the top states for earthquake activity…you’ll have to look to see if Missouri made the list.

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Earthquakes In The US 2000-2010

Source: US Census Bureau


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