Missouri Ranks 29th In U.S. For Lowest Property Tax Rates

According to a study released earlier this year by WalletHub, Missouri property tax rates are the 29th lowest in the U.S.  To determine the tax rates for this list, WalletHub took the median property tax payment for each state and divided it by the median property value to determine the effective tax rate.  For Missouri, the median home price was $171,800 and median property tax was $1,676 resulting in an effective tax rate of 0.98%.  Hawaii was the state with the lowest tax rate coming in at a scant 0.29% and New Jersey the highest at 2.47%.

WalletHub also compared “Blue States” with “Red States” and, as the infographic at the bottom shows,  found that Red States impose lower real estate property taxes than Blue States.

Real Estate Property Tax Ranking By State

(click on map for interactive map showing ranking for each state)

Real Estate Property Tax Ranking By State

Blue States vs Red States – Property Taxes


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