Motivated home sales make up over 30 percent of market at discounts of 40 percent

Radar Logic published it’s “RPX Year in Review 2010” for the U.S. real housing market which illustrates the significant negative impact distressed sales have on home prices and the real estate market as a whole. The report reveals that “motivated sales” (sales that include REO’s, sales by financial institutions, short-sales, etc) made up less than 5 percent of the home sales in the 25 major metropolitan areas covered by the report until 2007 when the rate rose above 5 percent, ultimately peaked in 2009 at around 38 percent and then last year settled in around the 31 percent mark.

Source: Radarlogic - Year in Review 2010

To appreciate just how significant on the market it is that about a third of home sales are motivated sales, we just need to look at the discounts these homes sell for. The report indicates that the discount on home prices on motivated sales versus traditional sales was 8 percent in July 2006, jumped to 41 percent in August 2008 and ended 2010 at 40 percent. Needless to say, this wreaks havoc with the market and works to bring home prices down, hindering a recovery of the housing market.

Source: RadarLogic Year in Review 2010

As the chart below shows, the 25 metros covered by this report have seen significant decreases in home prices from their “peak” during the boom. However, as the second chart below shows, in spite of the downward effect on pricing caused by motivated sales, many of these metro areas have seen some price recovery from the “trough” (the lowest point home prices hit during the crash).

Source: RadarLogic Year in Review 2010

Source: RadarLogic Year in Review 2010

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