Nearly 1 Out 10 People Said They Wanted to Move But Most Stayed Put

The U.S. Census Bureau this week released a report titled “Desire to Move and Residential Mobility: 2010-2011” in which some interesting facts were revealed about what makes people want to move, who actually acts upon that desire and how this varies between homeowners and renters.  The first thing that pops out of this report is the fact that nearly 10 percent of the people in the U.S. are not happy with the current place they live and want to move.  Reasons given for this unhappiness include the housing itself, the neighborhood, safety or the lack of, or quality of, public services.

Highlights from the report:

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  • Almost 1 in 10 American Households (9.6 percent) said they are dissatisfied with their current housing, neighborhood, safety or public services to the point that they wanted to move.
  • The majority of those that wanted to move in 2010 did not move in the next year.  However, about 18.3 percent of them did move which is significantly higher than the 9.6 percent of the overall population that moved during the year.
  • Not surprisingly, renters are more likely to want to move than homeowners as are younger people versus older folks.
  • Other issues that cause someone to want to move include change in family compassion (marriage, divorce, birth of a child).
  • 1.7 million older homeowners expressed a desire to move in 2010 but only 89,000 of them actually moved in 2010-2011.

Desire to move by age - Chart Percent of householders who desire to move by Age and housing tenure 2010 Move rates by household income and desire to move 2010


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