Population Growth Equals Housing Demand; Which States are Growing?



Dennis Norman

While there are many factors that go into what makes for a good or bad housing market and ultimately how well an investment in real estate will do in a market, two things in my book are key; population growth and job growth. Actually job growth brings population growth so perhaps it is the most important factor, but I think one could argue that population growth also brings jobs. Those states that, for one reason or another, attract people to live there (ie; no, or low state income tax, good public education, low crime rates, etc) are many of the same things that may attract an employer as well.

The Census Bureau just this month released the latest population estimates for 2009 so I decided to look at the 10-year period of 2000 – 2009 and see where people were going during the real estate boom, and then the bust. Some of the states that attracted many people during the housing boom may have lost some of their luster at this point, so over the next few years the rankings could change, but here are where things stand now.

Missouri didn’t make the “top-ten” chart for most growth but, on a positive note, didn’t make the “top-ten” chart for lowest growth either!  Missouri’s population in 2000 was 5,605.065 and in 2009 was estimated to be 5,987,580 for a growth of 381,515 people during the period which ranks Missouri as 18th in the U.S.  As for percentage of population growth, Missouri had 6.81 percent growth during the period putting it at number 25 in the U.S.   The percentage growth for the U.S. as a whole during the period was 8.80 percent.

3 of the 4 States With The Most Foreclosures Made Both “Top-Ten” Population Growth Charts – Nevada, Arizona and Nevada….California Only Made One Chart –



States with The Smallest Population Growth-

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