FEMA Approves buyout of 26 homes on Wilson Avenue in U-City


Dennis Norman

Dennis Norman

Since the deaths of two Wilson Avenue residents, Willie Johnson and Louis Bryant, during a flash flood in 2008, there has been a strong outcry by residents on Wilson Avenue in University for a buyout of their neighborhood.  The homes on Wilson, which runs between Shaftesbury and Midland, back up to River Des Peres and are a frequently subjected to flash floods, like the one that caused the death of two residents in 2008.

This past week, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) gave final approval to a $3 Million Disaster Relief Grant to help fund the proposed buyout of 26 homes on Wilson Avenue. The $3 Million in funding is part of a $5.1 Billion Supplemental Disaster Relief Appropriation approved by Congress.  The total cost of the buyout of Wilson Avenue is expected to be $4 Million with the city of University City contributing the remaining $1 Million.

The timing of the buyout as well as rules and procedures for obtaining the funds will be coordinated by the State Emergency Management Agency and the City of University City.


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