Looking for Love? Try the laundry room!

laundry loveValentine’s Day is a time for love…Are you feeling left out because you haven’t found Mr or Mrs Right?

Maybe you aren’t looking in the right places…. have you tried hanging out in the laundry room of Apartment complexes?

All right, I know what you are wondering, what does this have to do with real estate and why am I writing about it? Actually I couldn’t resist….I guess I’m in the Valentine spirit, plus I was intrigued when I was sent the results of a survey done by Apartments.com concerning “Renter Romances in the Apartment Community.”

So here are the results from the more than 900 renters Apartments.com surveyed about “Renter Romances“:

  • 53 percent said they have never had a romantic relationship with their roommate or neighbor living in the same apartment community.
    • 32 percent said they have had such relationships
    • 21 percent have made those relationships last anywhere from a few months to over a year
    • 3 percent ended up engaged or married
  • The most popular meeting spots are the pool and laundry room
    • Other popular places for encounters included resident social functions, hallways and to and from the parking lot
  • 40 percent said they would not object to a relationship with their roommate or neighbor.
  • Nearly 45 percent said they believe in “love at first sight”

OK, now the juicy stuff :)

  • nearly 10 percent said they always kiss on the first date
  • 38 percent consider kissing on the first date
  • more than 35 percent said it depends on how the date is going

So there you have it…

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