What is the risk of flood for your home?

Dennis Norman St LouisAs spring approaches (say good bye to winter!! ) many homeowners face the risk of potential flooding of their homes or investment properties. Thanks to the requirements of most lenders for a borrower to obtain a flood letter to determine if their property is in a flood plain and, if so, obtain flood insurance, possible flood damage is a “known” threat to most homeowners affected.

However, just being adjacent to, or near, a potential flood zone could be problematic and possibly even affect property value. So, how can you easily determine where areas prone to possible flooding are in relation to a home or property you are looking at? Well, until now it wasn’t so easy, but now, thanks to a handy interactive flood map created by The Reinvestment Fund, it is easy to see what risk for flooding exists for almost any property in the country. From the map you can enter a specific address, a city, state, zip, school district or one of several other geographic choices then see what the threat is based upon data from FEMA. I should point out, this tool is NOT meant to replace obtaining a flood letter or the advice of a professional, this is simply a handy, consumer-friendly tool that can give you an idea of the possibility of flood for a given property.
To check it out, click on the map below:

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