Showings Of Listings In St Louis Last Week Over 12 Percent Higher Than Year Ago

COVID-19 lingers on but the real estate market in St Louis has made a quick recovery from the negative impact it had on the market.  The data supports the idea that home buyers are tired of waiting for everything to come back to “normal” (or whatever variation of normal the new normal is) and have been out looking at and buying homes.  This is evidenced by the chart below which depicts showings of listings this year and compares each 7-day period with the year before.  As you can see, showings this year (the orange line) we down, significantly from last year during the worst of the pandemic, but have rebounded to the point where last week’s showings topped the year before by over 12%!

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St Louis Area Showings Of Listings

(click on chart for live, interactive chart)

St Louis Area Showings Of Listings

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