Showings of listings in St Louis On The Rise

Yesterday, I wrote about how St Louis home sales were on the rebound based upon the latest contract data which showed the number of new contracts on listings in the St Louis MSA had declined by just 16% from the same time a year ago.  The question is, will that trend continue?  Well, a very good, and reliable, leading-indicator of home sales is home showings, and, as the chart below shows, showings of listings in the St Louis MSA has been on the rise over the past two weeks.  As of yesterday, showings were down just 17.7% from the same time last year for the St Louis MSA.  This would suggest that, absent something happening to disrupt it, the home sales trend I reported yesterday may continue.

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Showings Of Listings in the St Louis metro area

(click on chart for current, live-interactive chart)

Showings Of Listings in the St Louis metro area 

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