St Charles County Home Sales Trend On Rise For 2nd Consecutive Month

The home sales trend was, as our chart below illustrates, on the decline in St Charles County since summer last year but then, in October reversed course.  Now, for the second-consecutive month, the St Charles County home sales trend is on the rise possibly confirming that September 2019 was the bottom, with 5,761 homes sold in the 12-month period ending in September.  For the 12-month period ended November 30, 2019, there were 5,814 homes sold or just under 1% more than when sales hit the bottom in September.  The period ended in November saw just 23 more homes sold then the period ended in October, but it still sent the trend upward nonetheless.

The gains are modest so time will tell if the trend will hold course….

With such small gains, it won’t take much to stop this upward trend in home sales, but, within the next two months, we should know for sure if the upward movement in home sales can last.

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St Charles County Home Sales Trend – Past 3 Years

(Click on chart for live, interactive chart)

St Charles County Home Sales Trend - Past 3 Years

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