St Charles County Makes List of Affordable Housing Markets With Jobs

Today, RealtyTrac released a new report which revealed that, as of the 2nd quarter of 2014, affordable housing is on the decline in one-third of the largest counties in the U.S.   In compiling the report, the historical average for income to price affordability percentages were analyzed and the results showed that one-third of the counties analyzed now have higher affordability percentages than their historical average now making homes in those counties less affordable now than they have been on average over the past 14 years.   On the positive side, no St Louis area counties were on that list however, St Charles County, did make a “good” list!  St Charles County was one of the 10 counties that made the list  where, as the chart below shows, the percentage of monthly income needed to make the payment on a median priced home was less than 20% and the unemployment rate in May 2014 was less than 5%.

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St Charles County Housing Affordability and Employment

Source: RealtyTrac

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