St Charles County Shows Most Improvement In Housing Affordability Of Missouri Counties During 3rd Quarter

St Charles County had the biggest improvement in the housing affordability index during the 3rd quarter of this year of any major County in the state of Missouri, according to a newly released report from Attom Data Solutions.  St Charles County, with an affordability index of 109 (above 100 is more affordable than historic average, below 100 is less affordable), saw a 6.5% improvement in housing affordability from the prior quarter but a 2.4% decline from a year ago when the housing affordability index for St Charles County was 112.

The table below shows the housing affordability index for all of the major Counties in Missouri.  As it illustrates, the percentage of a person’s annual income needed to make the payments on a home vary from a low of 17.6% in the city of St Louis to a high of 36.4% in St Charles County.  The table also shows that home price growth is outpacing income growth in half the Counties listed.

Home Affordability In Missouri By County – 3rd Quarter 2017

Home Affordability In Missouri By County - 3rd Quarter 2017

Data Source: Attom Data Solutions – Copyright 2017 – St Louis Real Estate News – All Rights Reserved

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