St Louis Area Cities Where Homes Sold The Slowest In 2017

In spite of the strong real estate market in 2017 in St Louis, there were cities in St Louis where home’s sold slower than in others. As the counter to the previous article published, where we listed the fast selling cities, today we will identify the St Louis towns and cities where it took the longest to sell a home in 2017.

Where in St Louis did homes sell the slowest in 2017?

As our table below shows, Edgar Springs, a small town in Phelps County MO with a population of just over 200, was the slowest selling city during 2017.  Homes in Edgar Springs took an average of 248 days to sell during 2017.

The table below shows the top 10 slowest selling cities in St Louis during 2017 however if you click on the table you will be taken to “live” data and the entire list.

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St Lous MSA Cities Where Homes Sold The Slowest In 2017

Based upon average time to sell homes that closed during 2017 (click table below for live, complete list)

St Lous MSA Cities Where Homes Sold The Slowest In 2017 

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