St Louis Best Buyers Markets

Where are the best buyers markets in St Louis?  Can a home buyer still find a great deal in St Louis?  These are questions we hear frequently today as the St Louis real estate markets continues to improve and many neighborhoods have a shortage of homes for sale thereby creating a sellers market.  Let your heart not be troubled though, there are still some buyers markets in St Louis where the buyer has the upper hand.

What makes a neighborhood a buyers market?  For the sake of this discussion, I am using our market action index to determine where the buyers markets are in St Louis.  Our market action index looks at primarily supply and demand and then applies an index number to it.  The index goes from 0 to 60 with 30 being a blanched market not favoring buyers or sellers.  Below a 30 is a buyers market, and the lower it goes, down to a low of 0, the colder the market is and the more it favors buyers.  The higher above 30 the index goes (up to a max of 60) the hotter the market is and the more it favors sellers.  The table below shows the 13 neighborhoods in St Louis that are currently buyer’s markets, according to our Market Action Index.

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St Louis Buyers Markets - August 2014

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