St Louis Has 13th Highest Homeownership Rate of Metro Areas In U.S.

During the 3rd quarter of this year, the homeownership rate for the St Louis MSA was 69.5% giving St Louis the 13th highest homeownership rate of the 75 largest MSA’s in the country, according to the latest date from the U.S. Census Bureau.  St Louis continues to improve in the homeownership rankings, moving from 26th in the 1st quarter, to 21st in the 2nd quarter and now to the  13th highest homeownership rate in the U.S.!

As the table below shows, the North Port-Bradenton-Sarasota MSA had the highest homeownership rate during the quarter at 76.7% and for the 3rd quarter in a row, Fresno, CA MSA had the lowest at 47.9%.

Homeownership Rate By MSA – 3rd Quarter 2019

(Click on the table below for St Louis homeownership rates by quarter from 2005-present)

Homeownership Rate By MSA - 3rd Quarter 2019

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