St Louis Home Sales Trending Upward Aggressively

Most residential real estate data is published based upon closed deals meaning the transaction is already in the past and it’s activity may not be reflective of the current market.  This is why at MORE, REALTORS® we developed our leading indicators report that I shared a few days ago and also why we developed a home sale trends chart.  The home sales trend chart, such as the one shown below for the St Louis 5-County Core real estate market, is still based upon closed sales however each monthly data point represents the total of the closed sales in the proceeding 12-months making this a very good indicator of the market conditions and where we are in an improving market or a declining one.

As the chart below shows, for the first 12 months or so in the 25-month period reported, the sales trend was pretty steady, making a flat line on the chart.  Then, around the end of 2019, the trend started increasing slightly through the spring of 2020 (when the impact of COVID-19 hit the market the hardest) and then fell the next few months.  By late summer last year the home sales trend was on the rise and, as you can see, didn’t stop rising through the end of the year.

Will this upward trend continue or will it level off or even decline?  Right now it’s hard to say given all the variables that could affect it.  We have a changing administration in Washington D.C. which could affect the economy, we have the ongoing pandemic and a few other things that could very well affect the residential real estate market.  As I shared in our leading indicators report the other day, the new contract activity is very encouraging so for the short term, I would say the trend will remain around the level it’s at currently.

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12-Month Home Sales Trend – St Louis 5-County Core Market

(click on chart for live chart)

12-Month Home Sales Trend - St Louis 5-County Core Market

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