Renters Confidence In St Louis Housing Market Sees Highest Increase In The Nation In Past Year

Renters are feeling more optimistic about the St Louis housing market as well as about the thought of home ownership with 23,721 renters in St Louis saying they are looking to buy a home in the next year, according to a report just released by Zillow.  The overall Zillow Housing confidence in the St Louis housing market in January was at 63.8, with the renter confidence in the market seeing an increase of 8.3 points from a year ago, the highest such increase of the metro areas in the nation covered by the report, and the homeowner confidence in the St Louis housing market increase 4 points from a year ago.  The table below shows the Zillow Housing Confidence Index for all metro areas covered by their report.

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Renter Confidence Index in Housing Market

Source: Zillow



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