St Louis Housing Markets On The Rebound

St Louis Housing Markets On The ReboundThere are St Louis Housing markets on the rebound with prices and demand on the rise and inventories down.  For the  9 areas of St Louis where the real estate market is on the rebound listed below, I have charts showing what home prices have done over the past 3 years (the red line) as well as what our Market Action Index is for the area (an index that rates an area based upon supply and demand – the Olive colored line).   As the data shows, these markets are seeing home prices on the rise and the market heating up!

(note: these charts are “real-time”, so as you check back in the future they will be updated to current pricing – click here to request charts for other areas and I’ll send them to you)

1) Des Peres – 63122

2) Grover – 63040

3) St Louis – 63110

4) Town and Country – 63131

5) Ladue – 63124

6) Chesterfield – 63005

7) Clayton – 63105

8)  Kirkwood – 63122

9) Creve Coeur – 63141

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