St Louis Real Estate Market 2011 Recap

I just finished producing a video recapping the 2011 St. Louis Real Estate Market which includes, charts, graphs and facts about what took place in the St. Louis Real Estate market last year as well as where it ended up at year end.

This is a compliment to the weekly market update videos I produce that you can check out on our YouTube Channel, our facebook page or now you can subscribe to our ITUNES Podcast Channel to receive our updated market videos via podcast automatically each week! Just click here, then click on “Subscribe Free”.)

Here is the latest St Louis Real Estate market 2011 Recap:

Now that you know where the St Louis Real Estate market has been, do you want to know where it’s headed?  If so, get your free St Louis Real Estate Market 2012 Forecast Video (and PDF Report) by clicking here.

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