St Louis Real Estate Market Update VIDEO – November 2015

The St Louis real estate market continues to outperform last year, however, as we draw nearer and nearer winter, and the market slowdown that is inevitable, we are seeing home prices trending downward while the supply of homes for sale trends the other direction.  As of today, 4 of the 5 counties that make up the core St Louis market have a supply of homes for sale of less than 6 months, which is good, but it’s on the rise.

List now or in spring?

Ah, the $64 question that comes up, repeatedly this time of year, is whether you should list your home for sale now, as the market cools (pun intended) or wait until spring?  Well, the answer would take me a lot of space to answer in depth, but the short answer is a definite maybe :).  Seriously though, there are advantages to listing now, such as much less competition than in the spring market and buyers that, if they are looking for homes during the dead of winter, are usually serious.  However, spring brings with it higher prices and typically an abundance of buyers.  Like so many things in real estate, there is no one answer, and we would really have to look at your situation and your market to determine the best strategy and would be happy to, just call, or text me, at 314.332.1012 and I’ll be happy to help!

St Louis Home Price Trends By City/Municipality 
St Louis Home Price Trends By Zip Code
St Louis Sellers Markets

Thinking of selling and want to know if your neighborhood is a seller’s market? Contact us and we’ll  answer that question for you.

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St Louis Real Estate Market Update Video - St Louis Home Prices


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