40 Zip Codes In The St Louis MSA Have 1 Month Or Less Supply Of Homes For Sale

It’s no wonder home buyers are tripping over themselves and getting into bidding wars to buy a house as the supply of homes for sale is at or near historic lows.  As our table below shows, there are currently 40 zip codes in the St Louis MSA with a one-month or less supply of homes for sale (7 of the zips have no homes for sale) and a total of 76 of the 127 (60%) zip codes within the St Louis MSA have a supply of homes for sale of 2 months or less.

This low inventory, along with low-interest rates and pent-up demand from the COVID-19 induced stay at home orders, is creating a real feeding frenzy of sorts for homebuyers in the St Louis market.  For sellers, this is a dream come true, plenty of demand and little competition!  Granted, this is not true in all areas and all price ranges, but for the most common prices ranges in the more popular areas it is very true.

Sellers should sell now!

If you are someone that has been thinking about selling, I would act on those thoughts now and take advantage of the current low-inventory conditions.  While I don’t know that I agree, there are folks out there predicting that the market is going to get flooded with homes for sale shortly turning the tide on sellers.  For me, I’ll believe that when I see it, but nonetheless, now is definitely a great time to sell.

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St Louis MSA Inventory Of Homes For Sale By Zip Code

(click on table for the current and complete list)St Louis MSA Inventory Of Homes For Sale By Zip Code

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