Assessor’s Property Values Can Be Appealed This Year

Do you think the assessor’s property value on your house, or other real property, too high thereby making your property taxes higher than they should be?  If so, then now is your chance to do something about it by filing an appeal the valuation.  Many homeowners I talk with think that because property value reassessment is only done by the assessors office every two years on the “odd” numbered years, that you are stuck with your value until the next reassessment but that is not the case.

Missouri state law requires all assessors in the state to  “determine the fair market value of property as of January 1 of the reassessment year, which is every odd numbered year, such as 2013”, however, they give property owners the  assessor’s property value every year.  The  catch is, for property owners to appeal now, they will be appealing the property value established as of January 1, 2013, so if you already appealed that value last year, you cannot appeal it again this year.  However, for property owners that did not file an appeal last year challenging the 2013 assessor’s property value, then they can file this year.

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Missouri state law provides that all appeals must be filed on or before the 2nd Monday in July, which for this year would be July 14, 2014.  Below are links to either the forms to file an appeal if the local assessor has that available online or to the assessor’s website where more information is available:

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